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Beef Basil Wrap

Wrap 800 - Basil Rice | Thai food Brookline
What is it exactly? An Asian burrito? Whatever you call it, it is a Thai food in a flour wrap. You will probably like it if you like spicy food. And we have a duck basil wrap too!

In fact, at Basil rice we have a wrap version for our main courses menu items (except fried rice/noodles and noodle soup which is impossible to wrap). We are one of very few (if any) Asian restaurants that do Asian wraps. Vegetables inside the wraps include sliced cucumber, sliced carrot, chopped tomatoes, and chopped onions.

Basil Rice's wraps - when yummy meets healthy.

More about Basil Rice's wraps at "Thai Food Brookline in a Wrap".


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Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

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