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Basil Rice

Thai Food Brookline | Asian Food Brookline



 Thai food Brookline - Traditional Thai Food ingredients also used in Asian Food

Asian street cuisine is typically delicious, yet simple and easy to eat. 


Basil Rice samples many popular and delicious meals from major food destinations around Asia - Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese for our customers in Brookline and nearby neighborhoods.


We have different kinds of main courses to suit your appetite, from Asian-style wraps that you can easily enjoy on the go to noodle soups that will warm up your day. Our main courses also include a selection of traditional rice dishes and fried rice/noodles that will likely satisfy your craving. In addition to our stomach-friendly meals, we also feature some spicy selections for your excitement.


Our slogan "great food, good price, nice people" reminds us that we strive to provide all our customers with friendly service and delicious meals at good prices. We hope to be one of your choices when you think about Thai food or Asian food in Brookline.

Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

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