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Would you like white rice or brown rice?

That is a question that you may be asked when you order a main course at an Asian or a Thai restaurant. Most people know that brown rice is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and fiber, but many prefer white rice to brown rice due to various reasons. Maybe brown rice tastes a bit different from white rice, or maybe brown rice is not as soft as white rice. Just to make it clear, I am talking about cooked rice here. If you would like to cook brown rice at home, there is a little trick to make it soft. Simply soak uncooked brown rice in water for about half to one hour, and then just cook it normally like you do with white rice. The cooked brown rice will be rather soft and chewy. If you have not tried brown rice at Basil Rice Brookline, please feel free to stop by and order a main course with brown rice. Your experience with us should be a delicious and nutritious one.

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Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

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