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The Mango Sticky Rice of Thailand

Do you know that mango sticky rice is one of the most popular desserts in Thailand?

If you have a chance to visit Thailand, try the original mango sticky rice. It is so popular that there are shops that open 24/7 selling just mango sticky rice in a beach city of Pattaya, located just east of Bangkok. Typically, sweet sticky rice goes well with 2 types of mangoes, Nam Dok Mai and Ok Rong. These mangoes taste much different from those available in the US. The price for a whole mango with sweet sticky rice in Thailand is about $2 - $3, and it's worth every penny.

Give it a try when you visit Thailand. I bet you will like it!

Mango Sticky Rice - Basil Rice | Thai food Brookline

by Basil Rice - Asian food | Thai food Brookline

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Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

Thai food Brookline, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese

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